Work of Art Workshop!


I’m so excited to officially announce I’ll be teaching a photography class this summer!

Cathryn Farley Photography

Teaching a photography class has been a brain child of mine for a while.  I’ve hovered around thoughts of what it would look like, and what value I could bring to the table.  I want it to be -and- feel different.  Exciting.  Fun.  Worth your time.


We all have an eye for what we like, what we see, and how we express that.  It is my sincerest hope that I can give you some tools to help you expand your creative vision with your camera.   I have some fun ways to help you understand how your camera works, and some tricks to get you comfortable past the AUTO button!

Cathryn Farley Photography

We will go on a field trip and shoot a special project – designed to push your creative limits and capture art as you see it.  The last class will focus on setting those images free from your camera!  How to catalog, cull and edit the amazing works of art you captured.

Cathryn Farley Photography

Finally, we will showcase your art at the Final Forth Friday of the 2014 season.  At the completion of the class you will have produced your own Work of Art, and I’ll print it on canvas for you do display!

I’m really looking forward to this fun adventure!  Let me know if you’d like to join me.


The Noticed Network

Amy Johnson

It’s crazy where life takes you.  Our paths – however well defined – zig and zag all over and we intersect and often reconnect with the most amazing people. One of these people in my life is a friend I had in High School, Her name was Amy Wall.  She was amazing; bright, friendly, smart, […]

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Spring it on!

  Feeling:  Ready for Spring! Enjoying: the mini facelift I gave my blog recently. A change of scenery is definitely inspiring me to blog way more often! Reading:  The Aviator’s Wife by Melanie Benjamin. What an amazing story. Gathering:  Thoughts to compile my first photography class!  Stay tuned!!! Realizing:  That Spring break is next week. […]

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Cathryn Farley Photography head shots dos and donts

Cathryn Farley Photography Headshots

Nobody likes picture day.  I know this.

I’ve yet to have someone call me and say:  ” I LOVE having my picture taken.  Pretty please can I come over and will you take tons of pictures of me till my eyes water and my cheeks hurt? “

Never happens.

Probably stems from yearbook pictures at school.  Hands down, the worst picture I ever took was my seventh grade yearbook pictures.  Seriously – awful.  I’ll spare you from looking at it (it’s still embarrassing).  Braces, 80′s bangs, Turquoise  mascara, need I say more?

So I fall into the same category.  But, as adults in the media era we live in – headshots are a must.

We need them for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, our blog, company websites, business cards, key notes, etc.

And they need to be a really great image of us – that we can be proud of!



In the all the time I’ve taken headshots I’ve learned a few very important things:

Some things TO DO:
(Men) Be freshly shaven
Wear green, purple or teal if you have green/hazel eyes
Wear dark blue if you have blue eyes
Simple/small patterns or textures are great
Minimal jewelry
Layers are welcome

Some things NOT TO DO:
Do not wear all black or all white
No Chewing Gum
Do not wear a scarf
No Turtlenecks
No Yellow

The absolute most important thing I learned – is that we never ever see ourselves the way others see us.

We tend to have such a critical eye – we can’t let go even for a second and embrace the fact that we are all really beautiful.

TREKK Dynasty

TREKK Dynasty blog

  The TREKK Dynasty AKA the TREKK Design Group had an idea last week, and I was happy to help bring it to fruition!  The TREKK Design group is a civil engineering firm founded by Trent and Kim Robinett in Kansas City.   They’ve been clients of mine for a while, and I really love showcasing […]

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